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premium fan club

200% (double) of your sponsorship fee will be forcibly taken away from the producer and returned to the talent.

Fan club type





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Other benefits exclusive to club members will be added from time to time.


[Details of each member benefit are as follows]

<Regarding sponsor revenue>

Regarding sponsorship revenue, _150~200% (1.5~2 times the monthly amount)_ will be transferred from the management company to IDOLHOUSE Group as "additional expenses" related to activities such as songs, costumes, events, etc. (including idol salaries) We will refund your money. It will not be recorded as company profits, and 1.5 times the amount of the plan you subscribed to will be returned to the idol as a budget from the president every month.

* Double for Premier members only


<Bonus details (all listed)>

1_ Right to participate in sponsored Twitter space

Radio distribution carried out on each talent's dedicated account (using Twitter's space function)

can be used as a viewer. I don't show my face in Twitter space and there are no gifts.

Because it is a streaming medium, the entertainers can freely talk to each other and sometimes even fall asleep.

You can see them relaxing.

In addition, a diary of techniques between members will be released on the limited Twitter account for the space! ?


2_Sponsor Twitter exclusive selfie

  Selfies of members that can only be seen on Twitter limited to the space are released!

Each member has a different style!


3_ One-phrase video exclusive to sponsor Twitter

  You can hear “good night” and “good morning” posts not only in tweets but also in your favorite voice!?

4_Sending a handwritten letter from one member

Every month, you will receive a handwritten letter from the recommended men who have registered with Solo Cheki.

You can consult with the talent about what kind of letter you want in the space, etc., and leave it to us every time.

I've had people write me letters, and I've given them letters at live performances and received replies.

We hope that it will be a one-on-one opportunity with the talents.


5_ Send 3 solo tickets (1 autographed)

Every month, you will receive a letter along with 3 solo photos from the recommended men who have registered.

Whether it's backstage at a live show, or when you're out for work or private,

Try collecting your favorite instax photos that you can't usually take at our company's live shows.

*As a general rule, you cannot specify a pose.


6_2 sheets (1 sheet per event) of doodle wide check

We will give you two wide instax cards every month. This check is usually purchased

It will be bigger than what you can get, and the autograph will take more than twice as long as usual.

In order to be accepted, I not only signed an autograph but also wrote a doodle from the idol.

You can get it.


7_Pre-sale ticket purchase right

 Idol Stage Shinjuku Regular Live Tickets and Operated by IDOLHOUSE

You can purchase tickets for the live show before the general public. Talents

Please show off each member's color from the front row.


8_Priority admission right

Tickets available at Idol Stage Shinjuku regular live shows and live shows run by IDOLHOUSE.

You can enter early for each type of venue before it opens.

*It is not possible to enter tickets first depending on the type of ticket.

*Premier support members will have priority 1 (enter first), LIVE members will have priority 2 (enter next), and the general public will enter later.


9_Receiving gifts

Limited to one item per person per concert, with a size of 10cm square and within 10,000 yen.

We will accept your gift. Regarding the gift you received,

Please note that our staff will carefully check the details for the safety of the idols.

They are very grateful for the gifts that their fans buy with them in mind every time.

We were very happy with this, so we decided to bring it back by narrowing down the number of sponsors as a benefit.

I have decided to take it.

*We cannot accept food or money (gold certificates).

*You cannot receive presents on your behalf. If discovered, we will dispose of it.

*Other items may not be accepted at the discretion of the staff.


10_Sending video of wide instax shooting

We also took a video of the wide instax photo taken by our staff using their smartphones.

We will send it to you later on our sponsor's LINE. Upload the video to SNS

It will be fine even if you do it. Please upload it to Twitter or TikTok

We would appreciate it if you could help us expand our talent's fan base.


11_Instax 10 tickets

We will send you a premium card worth 10 instax cards along with your letter every month. Present when selling products

By receiving it, you can use it together with a regular check.

*Valid for 1 month, up to 5 tickets can be used for 1 live.


12_Selection/Cover song voting right

 We perform cover songs of other idols at our company's live performances every month,

① Target songs ② Performing members (3 to 5 people for each song) ③ Voting meeting to decide the positions of performing members

You can participate. Favorite talent's only favorite song other than birthday festival/Fan's

Please participate in the vote to dance your favorite song in the center or front row!


*The above benefits are subject to change at the discretion of the operating company.

*The details of the benefits are all listed up to the details for Premier Support Members, and are only applicable to each membership type.



・Gerrilla benefits may be available for each membership type.

・Please note that we cannot accept cancellations/refunds after purchase.

・After purchasing, please be sure to add the sponsor's official LINE, which will be sent to your registered email address. (You may not be able to receive benefits)

・The benefit start date for the first purchase will be from the time of purchase (participation hours on Twitter etc. are 10:00-16:00)

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